Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy

 1) Policy

I, Zoe Paul of Feet First Reflexology by Zoe Paul, have a clear policy on confidentiality and data protection to protect the privacy of individuals to ensure high standards of practise at all times.

2) Data Protection and Access to records

Data will be kept in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.

The data kept will be anything relating to client records, including:

  • Client details and consent forms.
  • Notes made during the consultation phase
  • Notes made during therapy sessions
  • Correspondence related to the therapy e.g. e-mail exchanges

This information will be stored securely in a locked cupboard. Session notes are kept separately from client details and consent forms to assist with anonymity.

If you should require a copy of your client notes at any time:

  • A request must be made in writing.
  • And accompanied by a fee of £10 paid in advanced.  (This is for the time that it takes to copy the relevant information and any materials used).

The information will be supplied at the earliest possible opportunity but no longer than a period of 40 days from the request being received. Client details will not be given out to any third parties, except in exceptional circumstances as set out in section 3.

3) Client Confidentiality

All information is treated with respect at all times, written in an accurate and factual way. It is necessary from time to time to discuss client cases with fellow professionals for ongoing

learning and to maintain high standards and accountability. No personal identifying information will be given during such discussions such as name or names of family members, place of employment, address and contact details, physical descriptions etc. Information is only ever passed on in cases where there is a legitimate ‘need to know’; and only relevant and necessary information is revealed. Situations when it is deemed necessary to pass on information to the relevant agencies includes, but is not limited to, as follows:

  • Serious potential harm to client or a risk to their lives
  • Others are at risk of serious harm or there poses a risk to their lives
  • Safeguarding issues regarding children, young people or vulnerable adults
  • It is a requirement of a court order
  • It is a requirement of law
  • The disclosure of the prevention, detection or prosecution of a serious crime.

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