I am fortunate enough to have had a number of treatments from Zoe her welcoming and caring attitude put me at ease straight away. I don’t like my feet being touched usually and Zoe explained the treatment can be stopped if there is any discomfort. As soon as she applied her hands to my feet and started the treatment she emits a heat that I find really relaxing and helps ease the constant pain that my feet give me. I often find myself drifting off in the relaxed atmosphere that Zoe creates, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for either reflexology treatments or Indian head massages (though reflexology is my personal favourite) and she definitely gets a five star rating from me.


This is the most relaxed and at ease, I’ve ever been receiving your treatment and I always fall asleep straight away, truly wonderful. Robbie x


Zoe , all the treatments you gave me on my feet were amazing and you picked up on all my medical conditions but I also love the Indian head massages done to the soothing music you play it is wonderful and also promotes a lovely nights sleep, need another one please. xxx


The treatment was amazing very relaxing and informative. Sometimes Zoe has picked up something from my hands that I haven’t thought to mention and then I’ve thought oh yes actually!


I have had an amazing 10 weeks of fantastic in-depth treatment and Zoe not only made my feet feel fantastic and my whole body feel great after each treatment, she also explained what she was doing and the different places that needed help, Zoe has made me more aware of how to destress, relax and change negatives into positives. Health wise I believe every bit of treatment I have been given has helped me feel so much better in myself.


Reflexology gave me time to stop and chill.


Very nice and relaxing.

Susanne Corbett.

My first reflexology experience. Very calming. Zoe made me feel safe and respected throughout. ‘Spot on’ with the reflection on my current health following the treatment. Thank you. Highly recommend.

Sharon Bratley

Wow, Zoe has million dollar hands. I had the stress busting package. It was amazing, I felt revitalised, refreshed and relaxed. You won’t be disappointed.