Initial Consultation (allow 1.5 – 2 hrs)

All new reflexology clients must have an initial consultation (this does not apply to Indian head massage). This comprises of a full medical history and life-style questionnaire, I take a few minutes to examine your feet/hands and make relevant notes and then you receive a relaxing general reflexology treatment. As a clinical reflexologist and as a member of a professional body, I always adhere to a professional code of conduct and I can only conduct a full reflexology treatment if a full initial consultation has taken place, including medical history. This is so that I can create a personalised reflexology treatment plan for you and your needs but also so that I can ensure that you receive appropriate care.

Subsequent reflexology sessions.

(allow 60 mins for a foot treatment / 30 minutes for hand treatment approximately) 

I take a few minutes to examine your feet/hands and make relevant notes and then you receive a relaxing tailor-made reflexology treatment. Treatments are given in a special reclining chair. It is necessary to remove shoes and socks for a foot treatment, a bolster cushion will be placed under under the lower part of your leg to allow access to the feet. A blanket and relaxing music can be provided for your comfort and enjoyment if you so wish. The feet/ hands are worked on using a special reflexology cream and pressure is applied to specific areas of your feet/hands to restore balance in the body. Reflexology is not a massage and so should not be confused with it. The pressure can vary depending on what you need.

Indian head massage (approximately 30 minutes)

Indian head massage is given seated. It can be given through clothes or with oil on the skin. For ladies it is advisable to wear a top, towel or sarong that allows access from the bra line upwards. Massage is then given to the back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp and face. The treatment finishes with a chakra balance.


Luxury stress busting package – £50 

Approximately 1hour and 30 minutes

A full reflexology treatment including NEPIP and an Indian head massage

with oil, incorporating the head, neck, back, shoulders and face.

Hand reflexology – £30

Approximately 30 minutes

Reflexology for the hands ideal for those who want the benefits of

reflexology but maybe don’t want or can’t have their feet touched.


Indian head massage – £25

Approximately 30 minutes

This incorporates massage of the head, neck, face, shoulders and back

using oil.


Stress busting package –  £40

Approximately 45 minutes

A relaxing Indian head massage incorporating the head, back, shoulders,

neck and face. In addition a NEPIP reflexology treatment on the feet using

visualisation techniques.


Reflexology –  £35

Approximately 1 hour

This entails a full treatment tailored to the individual clients needs.

Zoe Paul PR


Zoe , all the treatments you gave me on my feet were amazing and you picked up on all my medical conditions but I also love the Indian head massages done to the soothing music you play it is wonderful and also promotes a lovely nights sleep, need another one please. xxx